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The course Surf & Bodyboard is with a qualified and updated instructor, you will prepare physically, learn the safety rules, learn the basics of surfing or improve the technique according to your level.

Customers will be informed about the respect and use of the equipent, about conditions and locations where the activity will take place. We pick up and drop off customers at the accomodation .

The class lasts approximately 2.5 hours, the group will consist of a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 students. Private classes are composed of 1 person or 2 people. The course and transport take aproximatly 4-5 hours depending on the beach where the activity will take place. The beaches where the courses takeplace can be sandy or rocky, in any case the most appropriate beach will be chosen in relation to the group level and the activity will be carried out in safety conditions. The school has the right to cancel, move, change the date and time of the courses due to the weather conditions if these are not safe.

Starter-beginner course:
The targhet of this course is to take the first steps to be able to stand on the surfboard. The course is aimed at those who have never practiced this activity or who need to improve the basics. In this level will be exposed the different types of waves, the different types of boards , the weather conditions, the correctly performed rowing, the technique to stand on the table, handle the balance and then deal with the first left and right curves.

Intermediate-advanced course:
The minimum requirement to participate in this course is to know how to get on th surfboard and go out where you can surf the wave before it breaks and becomes foam.
The objective is to learn and improve the technique of rowing, sensitizing the appropriate time and position, riding the wave before it breaks following the wall.
Depending on the level, the spot and the material appropriate to your needs will be chosen.

Different beaches depending on the conditions and levels of the participants
The beaches where the courses are practiced can be sand or rock, in any case the most appropriate
beach will be chosen for executing the safety activity.


Age Min. 6 years, know how to swim, good physical shape
Minors need authorization from the parents / guardians of the person who makes them the functions of a person responsible for the minors.
The staff, the monitor, can investigate the psycho-physical conditions of the participating students to avoid risks and potential problems. For its part, the client has to declare eventual problems, of all types.
In case of danger or accidents the monitor will put in practice the emergency management plan.
However, the reference person, monitor of the course is available for any communication, doubts, accidents, general information.


The private class can be 1 person or 2 people.
The course is carried out by a qualified instructor with a valid title.
The monitor shapes and explains the rules in the course, physical adjustment – initial and final streching, safety and self-protection norms, good use and respect of the material and protection of the environment, condition and spot (place / beach) where the activity was practiced and it was characteristic.


The school has the authorization to cancel, move, modify date and time, replace the students based on the conditions, age, group, spot, or any other thing that prevents the correct execution of the activity in terms of safety


Commitment, information and dissemination by the school staff about the rules of protection and safety, the natural and cultural value of the environment. Keep clean public spaces, protection of the environment from possible causes that can create problems.

The school makes available the claim book, the active tourism activity documents, to all those who need it.


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  • LEVEL: all levels
  • MEETING POINT : hotel / apartment pickup or school
  • HOURS: (morning or afternoon) depending on the conditions and levels of the participants
  • DURATION: around 2 and a half hours on the beach, more transportation, total 4-5 hours


  • suit-neoprene, board, leash / transport / bottle of acqua and small snack
  • Insurance RC and sports accident, insurance is available, and therefore visible to all users and the competent authority.

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